souvlaki-dinner Back in 1977 when Frank and Voula started Vito’s, they wanted to serve their customers meals prepared from scratch using fresh, quality ingredients. This philosophy still holds true, and Vito’s is proud to say that the majority of the food we serve is made in house. Our pizza sauce, meatsauce and gravy are all created from the same proven recipes in use since the day we opened. Our oregano is even hand-picked every summer when Frank and Voula visit Greece!

The choice to use simple, quality ingredients is only one part of our success. Our customers enjoy a unique dining experience because we take the time and care to prepare foods in a traditional manner. For example, we cook our own turkey and roasts daily; we then reduce the bones for stock and use it to make other foods. This may require more effort than buying pre-cooked turkeys and roasts, but that wouldn’t be the Vito’s way.


For our pizzas, we use a conventional deck oven as opposed to the modern conveyor ovens. This piece of equipment requires a lot more effort, in that pizzas need constant attention, but the flavour provided is second to none. These are just a few small examples of what goes into making Vito’s what it is.

pizza-line-up We are always striving to improve the way we do things and have a genuine passion for what we do. We hope you will join us to taste the Vito’s difference!